Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

I’m technically a flat iron set at a 450 degree temperature armed and ready to curl wet hair. I’m also burnt out of failed relationships, empty promises and a waste of my damn time. While you’re at it, spray some pump it up on that wet hair so we can really get cooking.

Yeah, alcohol sets the mood really well for toxicity to flame its way right on in. My past choices of men…TOXIC. Coming from a natural hair specialists, I know what should be done to make hair thrive. I wish I could apply that to a relationship. Valued for hair and not valued for self.

I worked in lackadaisical environments during the very start of my career. I advanced shortly after and it was an extremely rigid transition. I adjusted. I had the same behavior with relationships after my divorce. The suitors weren’t of great caliber, but I adjusted, even though I was raised better and knew better. I settled.

I believe I have the formula. The one that I took years to practice and perform. My clients now look bomb and for my exes, I’ll be sure to send the bomb over once the bob wire is set up high.

Lackadaisical (adj) an exclamation of regret ; showing lack of interest, or spirit;

In order for the act of “cold turkey” to even be successful, you just stop. STOP! There is no in between, no medium, no cutbacks. You just stop. How do you stop doing things that aren’t good for you? Especially when you enjoyed them? Imagine that. I never mastered cold turkey. There’s always time to try new recipes.

“I slay naturally, Who Are You?”

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