“Good Looks”

“Good Looks”

“Good Looks” in the urban dictionary is usually referenced as a term of appreciation, support and sometimes even status. Some use it for exactly what it says…good looks, you either have them or you don’t. I’m just curious as to what makes someone look good? What physical features correlate to a human being that embodies feelings and emotion, characteristics and traits, behaviors. How dare you put your label on what is a good look!

Men taunt women about artificial bodies, yet they praise them and don’t marry them because they don’t want the surgery bill. Women taunt men about how much money they have and care less about the looks because they want the status. This isn’t for all. It’s called: “I’m just laying out a few scenarios.”

Oh that’s right. I’ts not about what you see. It’s about what you’re given. Women sit in my chair left and right, wondering what hairstyle is a good look for them, what man is a good look, the job, a friend and the list goes on.

Good looks are certainly not just about the surface. You can have your looks one day and gone the next. You can have a great connect and never see it again. What makes you a good look is all about what’s on the inside and wouldn’t you like to glow?

Now I know I’m speaking from a not so vain perspective today, but chile, my jere beauties…puhhhlease take care of that mop on top of your head. For my jere beasts rocking a baldy, keep that skin and smile sexy at all times. No excuses. What we do to take care of ourselves outwardly effects our self-esteem. Everyone has beauty and it shows more when you’re beautiful on the inside. Even if you’re in a rut, or maybe you’re not nice at all; it’s better to try than to have never approached working on the dope person you’re holding back from becoming.

Adieu (interj) goodbye

For myself a good look was never the outward appearance. It was and still is what sits right with me. What feeds my soul. If your happiness is cheated, your soul is defeated, then whatever action or opportunity is not a “good look”, whatever person is not a “good look”; you bid it or them adieu. Use the phrase consciously.

Be a “good look” for yourself so that you can be a good look to others. I’m working on becoming a “good look” and I’ve been through enough to be proud at how far I have come. I’m not a mess, I’m a masterpiece in the making. You are too!

“I slay naturally, Who Are You?”

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