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Is She A Butt Er? How many of you are tired of being desired for your posterior and not the obstacles that you went through to make you glossolalia?

Your being is an unmatched, incomparable, exhilarated power of mental ecstasy, allowing your body to speak a different language. No matter how many countries they visit, they couldn’t purchase a replica of you.

Pasted and wasted with cheap packaging from manufactures offering the same face and shape to every woman. You’re no barbie, you’re an amazon. A beautiful beast. Body full of love and a mind filled with strength, yet they summon to the prototype.

Bathed in frankincense and myrrh, oiled in shea butter, glistened from ear to ear…but does he hear? The music caressing your shoulders and scars year after year? Is it real?

Shea butter

Glossolalia (n.) an uttering of unintelligible sounds, as in a religious ecstasy.

For many years I’ve been complimented on my skin. It’s naturally smooth. Third degree burns couldn’t remove my wounds, couldn’t change the texture of my skin and most of all, it couldn’t break me.

Growing up, I distinctly remember my mother wearing a classic red lip. The red lip that I desired to grow into. I wanted to be just like her. Smooth, fierce, bold and with minimal effort. Little did I know, I was already her.

I grew up with an aloe plant in the house at all times. My mother set the standard for beauty regimens at a young age and the epitome of becoming a boss even younger.

My shea butter includes fresh aloe and scented oils. I want all the boys coming to my yard, so I suggest you pick your own scent.

We don’t want to confuse them, now do we?

I gave you the formula, get to work sis and mix up the recipe. Make me proud.

” I slay naturally, Who Are You? “

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