They say color is the spice of life. What spice do you think best represents you? Are you the dependable black pepper that works with everything? Or maybe the fiery red paprika adding a boost to the taste. Either way, adding color to your life is a great way to update your look. So take that leap and start with your hair! 

Now we get it, changing your hair color can be a real nerve wracking experience. What if it doesn’t look good on me? What if nobody likes it? Is it too bright? Is it too dark? Those are all valid thoughts, but that’s where a great stylist comes in, of course with the help of google. You can choose images from celebrities or a bomb chica posting on the gram.

First, do your research. Find inspiration for the hair colors you may like, giving you confidence when it’s time for your consultation. Are you interested in bright fantasy colors, classic natural tones? Keep your muse of color in consideration with your everyday wardrobe and workplace. If you work in a more conservative field, maybe opt for low lights. If you’re down to show off your superpowers, go for Storm grey, FIERCE! Once you’ve made it official, lets make it fashion! Create a small collage of the color(s) you’d like to try. 

Second, but it’s a first with us. Trust us! Yes, we encourage you to do your research but let us handle it once you’re in the chair. We can use your photos as a guide and make some tweaks so it complements YOU! Don’t get discouraged if the hair color you chose doesn’t work with your hair texture, because it simply means we have work to do. Allow us to repair your hair, making it stronger than ever. It may take a few visits to reach your desired hue. Rest assured, we will work with your choices and still maintain the health of your hair. Naturalista you better slay.

Changing your hair color should be a fun experience. An adventure to add some excitement in your life. If you’re hesitant, ask yourself why. Think about what other areas in your life could use some bold changes. Is it your wardrobe? Your daily activities? Life should be exhilarating and not the same mundane routine.

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Written by S.Fields

Content and Edits by Naturalstaslay N.J.R

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