There’s a famous saying by the fashion style icon Coco Chanel. “ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Is that woman YOU?!

We’re officially back outside! Cautiously, of course. The one thing you don’t have to be cautious about is getting a cut this summer! What better way to return to the streets and start your hot girl/ luke warm or even hot Mom summer? OR maybe even a hot girl, “but my man coming to pick me up” type of summer. Whichever is your cup of tea is cool cause this is a judgement free zone over here! 

Now let’s get into this cut talk! I know the word ” cut ” may sound drastic and there is nothing wrong with turning up the drama with your hair. But a cut doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go full fledged Amber Rose or Britney Spears. (I beg you- PLEASE don’t go the Britney route!)

You can start off slow. You can go from a long swoop to above the brow bangs. You can go from a blob (shoulder length bob) to an edgy asymmetrical neck length cut. You can take your mushroom cut to a refreshing classic pixie. If you have the guts, go for a big chop and start from scratch. Whichever one feels good to you… like NIKE, just do it! All you have to do is take that leap!

Whichever decision, the most important thing is embracing the change. There’s a newness and freshness that comes from that. Look at it as more than just a physical change. A haircut can serve as inspiration to see beneficial areas in your life that were once blocking your view.

Think about the dead ends in your life that aren’t on your head. The stale relationships. The one sided friendships. The jobs you hate walking into. The self- sabotage and doubt. What if you took that same courage it takes to cut your hair and applied it to other aspects in your life. Cutting off the dead weight allows your roots to grow stronger and flourish. 

Growth comes from new beginnings. Cut the hair! It will grow back ( if you want it to!) Cut the overthinking! It’s killing your joy. Cut the ties! New ones with stronger bonds will come. Just make the decision and get to cutting!! 

” I slay Naturally, Who are You? ”

Written by S.Fields

Content by Naturalistaslay

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