I’m Not gonna Do it …I did It!

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I’m Not gonna Do it …I did It!

I’m not gonna do it.

characterized by indecision, as persons; irresolute; undecided.

I’ve always wanted to work in NYC. You know, become a big time hairstylist in the most favorable way. I love doing hair and making people smile. As they say ” Sh’e giving. ” I’m giving beauty.

This picture was posted the same day I started my first day of work in Times Square (2020). There was a challenge going on with a black and white image of yourself. Stating that you are a black female and you don’t tear others down. I was challenged, so I did it.

I wasn’t the female tearing others down. I wanted to help build them. Now I have distanced myself. I’m in a lane like no other. Tunnel vision. I still want the best for others. This time I want it for me and mine only. If they want it they will get it. Now that’s a challenge. The irony of life.

A lot of my decisions with my career came down to location and timing. I finally understand how important timing is. 8 years later of making the same mistakes with different circumstances. Stolen from, taken advantage of, giving people information to fabricate and copy. Know your brand. Map your demographic. Stick with what you want, with what you love.

I have options. I refuse to entertain opportunities that are not for me. I’ve entertained others and businesses in my past as a collective. Bump that. It’s my brand that’s about to pop from a pandemic. I know what I want, so I’m going to get it. 


‘I Slay Naturally, Who Are You?”

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