“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace” Biggie Smalls of course! I want my BFF’S to tap in with me on how introducing yourself to strangers everyday should be inviting. Imagine yourself in a sunflower filled with seeds of options. Anything involving hair, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, business, corporate we have the insight. So tell us, share in the comments your style after reading how to naturally slay.

The great thing about style is that it speaks to the world before you say a word. What does your hairstyle say about you? Hair is interchangeable. We can help with what you have in mind. Short pixies are high traffic not maintenance. A A fresh feel comes with a weekly appointment. Low maintenance comes in with the convenience of getting up and go all week long, without fussing over your hair.

Adding some fantasy color? oh la plex will fix it. Bright colors and hues, using olaplex is the right thing to do. Switching your hair and style can be fun! So let your stylist give you that hair and style, THE HAIRSTYLE . We are all unique. Share your shopping gems and hair trends with our BFFS!

Welcoming a new hairstyle is an open invitation to seeing yourself in a new light. Having a signature style is cool and when you switch it up it’s sure to be epic up! Shake the room with some variety. Own your signature look and be known for giving new looks. Be brave by going from long to short, virgin color to the rainbow, relaxer to protective style. Let’s get It. Oh and this applies to the fellas, alright? I didn’t forget about you.

Regardless of the style, rock it with confidence! 

Your hair style should be a representation of how you feel. Allow your hair to complement the clothes you wear. The changes in your schedule or activities that require more or less effort, but you still look great. If you dare to try a new style, add pieces that will work well with it. Hoops or chandelier earrings pair well with your edgy pixie. Chunky huggie earrings with a cross hanging, mini rings and beads. Minimal but trendy you know? Dangling earrings are an attention grabber. It will look great with your fuss free natural coils. Knowing your personal style is key. Go with what feels good, looks great and is fabulous and practical for the day. Ok…OK!

Makeovers are always cool too. Sometimes the change is good, it’s so good it instantly gives you that need new look. Stay true to who you are while switching it up, get ready to start new experiences. Let us make your hair healthy and fun! Specifically for you.

Written by S. Fields

Edited by Naturalistaslay

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