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Some things are better left unsaid. Some may look at me sideways when I speak my mind. Kisses anyway. I’m still working on how to express myself, without it tearing me up emotionally in the end.

Can you imagine pouring out your feelings to someone upon deaf ears? Or better yet, doing all the research, taking the classes, passing the exams, practicing your skill set…just for someone unqualified to one day say they are your colleague based on an endorsement?

Over the years, you tubers came into the beauty industry. Obviously I’m referring to those who are not licensed or experienced on any other hair type besides their own. During those same years I talked and talked, but the clients and men I chose didn’t listen. So I began to change my audience.

Unreasonable clients and the men I dated had one thing in common. They didn’t listen. She listened to you tube, he listened to his boys. I was the only one dedicated, showed up and gave them my all. They became forgetful upon the fact they had both chosen me. I welcomed them. When you decide to work together for a common goal, it’s not about what other people say. It’s about what WE say, for what WE want.

Essentialize: to concentrate on the essential meanings or aspects of

Over the years, conversations with new clients would start with these next few words that literally sparked my internal rage:

” But the you tuber said.”

Nevertheless these you tubers with thousands and millions of followers are never addressed by name.

My lover would say ” But my boy told me. ”

Who happens to always remain anonymous with renowned street credibility.

Credibility is what has gotten me this far, in both areas.

Client: My work, my consistency, continued education, skill set and adoration to educate other professionals.

Men: My love, encouragement, and hopeless romantic behaviors, classy, smart and sexy at all times, but mostly naive.

The more real I got, the more real my clients and men became. Some couldn’t take the “real” and I’m cool with that. Mostly because I’m happier with me, my craft and my journey. I say less and more has been accomplished. If you want flourishing hair or a relationship, my stance has been show me, because I’ve been showing up.

I didn’t have to tell you that now did I? Some things are better left unsaid.

” I slay naturally, Who Are You?”

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