I have learned that once I put my mind to something that’s all I’m worried about. It’s beyond a laser focus. I’m somewhat obsessed with it. Being a creative person is so hard when managing a business. That analytical side is an area that we avoid. We know it’s necessary, but it bores the hell out of us. You don’t have to be a business owner to understand. These are character traits. I’m an artist.

The next few months I will be facing an obstacle, where many have tried to deter me from accomplishing. If not people than circumstances. I went from having access to this opportunity in my own backyard, to now having to travel 90 minutes for the same thing. I mean having a NYC credential ain’t so bad is it.

At first I was disgusted with the establishment. You know, trying to support a black owned business. We all have short comings, but they not only dropped the ball, I picked that shit up and hit it out the park. Unlocking my potential, without them. You’ll remember me most certainly. The same way you have been for the last 20 years.

Later after a drink and a prayer, no really I had both. I realized that the opportunity is within the sacrifice. This individual has been doing their very best to make me crumble. Instead I’ll give them a loaf of bread and a stick with a bag on the end of it. Keep it moving.

A fortune cookie once told me ” Don’t wait for others to open your door.” That cookie was right.

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